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That's It--Right There! (Logic & Reason Vs Folly & Foolishness)
Traditionally, Native Americans descended from northeast Asia, arriving over a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska 12,000 years ago and then migrating across North and South America.

The PLANTATION CLASSIFATION has no bearing here. The Thought Police left a long time ago after removing the collective identities of my ancestors. Citizens of the US have surrendered their minds and ancestral roots with the phrase— “Make America White Again” was the process used to write our current US History. The past is constantly changing but repetitively altered. Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates who has a television show “Finding Your Roots” claims the average African American actually has very little Native American blood — less than 1%. Black global existence cannot be explained anymore unless using the root diminutive amplification of slavery and an African American grandmother in the closet.

Behind talk of ‘high cheekbones’ and ‘red skin tone,” Gates has another theory to push the American agenda. He claims the Americas were inhabited by Mongolian people who crossed a land bridge 12,000 years ago while Black Folks did not arrive the Americas until the 1600’s in slave ships. Gates professes that Native Americans who are Black were enslaved by Indians and later intermarried with tribe members.

Since the declaration by Gates that most African American citizens carry only European and African genes, assuredly stories told to us by our ancestors are nothing more than myth. When growing up in the early 1960’s, we got Ebony Magazine in our mailboxes once a month that reported 21% of the US population was Negro. The magazine also reported that “82% of all Negroes had Indian Blood running through their veins.” So why do studies from National Geographic, The Smithsonian, and British News Agencies, coincide with what we were taught our entire lives? Now we amount to 14% of the population, and 1% of us have Native American blood. Somebody is working for the oppressor. Okay, “Overseer Gates!”

Those who have the biggest guns write the history books. The US writes its own license to invade countries like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan using the pretext of Christianity to establish Puppet Governments, peacekeeping, and humanitarian assistance. The US has invaded 20 countries in 22 years and now gives absolute credence to the CLOVIS STORY. You can give citizens the latest research, but if they have their minds made up with—HIS-STORY—no amount of facts and references can change minds when brainwashery has been implanted in every US history book.

My high school teachers applauded European scientists who affirmed my savage humanity while the same social scientists of the day defined their humanity as SUPERIOR. Case in point: Chekih Diop’s book, The African Origin of Civilization, was banned in the US since references connecting Africa to civilization was irradiated. Any information revealed about the Continent of Africa is continually termed “mysterious.” Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If homo sapiens appeared 200,000 years ago, it is foolish to think that Adam and Eve were the first two people on Earth 6,000 years ago.
  • If Native Americans (Clovis) crossed the Bering Straits 12,000 years ago on a land bridge, it is foolish to think America was uninhabited at the time. How did the Clovis people (Amerindians) become indigenous to American Continents arriving after the aboriginal people who were already here? Maybe it is akin to Christopher Columbus discovering America when the land mass was already inhabited.
  • National Geographic and The Smithsonian Magazine report that people having the same DNA as Australian Aborigines who descended from the first humans originating in Africa 60,000 years ago came to the American continents 51,000 years before the Bering Strait crossing. The Amerindians and the Indigenous people mixed together creating the Native Americans we see today. 
  • Linguistics of the Cherokee Tribe, for example, contain the same symbols as African Mende Script.  
  • The Bimini Road underwater structures near the Bahama Islands are 56,000 years old that reveal ancient Egyptian oceanic travel. Mounds similar to those are still in existence throughout America along with pyramid structures still intact and larger or three times the size of the pyramids of Cheops in Egypt, but anything that connects Africa to the global world is termed “mysterious.”

DNA inherited from our very distant ancestors virtually “disappears” over time, becoming extremely difficult to measure if inherited long enough ago. Fifty-thousand (50,000) years ago, all of us were Africans, as affirmed by scientists. Yet, when Dr. Gates tests White people for the show Finding Your Roots, few have any measurable African ancestry, because admixture tests are reliable only a few hundred years back.

Two types of DNA tests are used to determine heritage: mitochondrial DNA tests, which examine the genetic information stored in a cellular structure called a mitochondrion, and what are called Y-line tests, which look at markers on the Y-chromosome passed from father to son.

These tests have been widely used to examine people’s ancestral heritage. Since certain genetic variations are typical in certain areas, geneticists can use an individual’s DNA to estimate where their ancestors’ originated. But when this technique is used to look at someone’s nationality rather than the origin of their distant ancestors, critics say it is no longer viable. So you have an ancient person’s genes in your DNA. How can anyone tell you this ancestor lived in or even traveled through “Africa” for example? Genes are not and HAVE NEVER BEEN tied down to any land mass any more than being tied down to a nationality. 

Think about it: how many dead mummies have really been sequenced or mapped. Find a few Lemba South African mummies and pull out some of their DNA, then what? The Lemba Tribe of South Africa have 54% of the priestly Cohen Gene—40% higher than the Jewish converts (Ashkenazi European Jews) living in Israel currently. Does that mean in order for ancestors to be legitimate, or related to the people who currently claim to be descended from survivors of the Lemba people? The point: rare or common as it might have happened…even a small number of clans left to find new horizons taking their genes with them, history does not record it. Hence, modern researchers have no idea a person’s ancestors were ALSO “from the Lemba Tribe.”  

So this Lemba tribe has 54% of the priestly Jewish Gene, but if the average looks at the explanations out there, they are told that Africans have this gene because maybe seven (7) of the so called “Authentic” Jews slept with the African women of Zimbabwe hundreds of years ago. Ignorantly making a statement like that seems preposterous when the Nigerian Igbo Jews and Beta Israel of Ethiopia have roots to KJV’s Solomon. And notice the title “Beta.” The Ashkenazi Jews of Israel have been given the title “Alpha,” and this group of European converts have only been existence for 1100 years.

Consequently, researchers could extract some genetic markers suggesting a person is related to living populations whose ancestors have been established by historic and other genetic data to have lived, traveled, and sexually interacted with people from a specific and or “for best results” ISOLATED regions. With a little diligent research beyond the genome, researchers can tell who some of your ancestors probably ARE related to, but cannot, through genes alone, tell you who they are NOT related to.

According to Gates, “The number of genealogical ancestors you have from 10 generations ago is, in theory, 1,024 people, but in fact you probably have DNA from about 500 of them” because ancestors must fall within the “window of inheritability.” He claims that few Africans arrived in this country prior to 1714. The amount of Native American DNA that we may have inherited from an alleged Native American ancestor did not disappear from genomes, since most likely that ancestor appeared many years later, within the window of inheritability. 

Since we are trying to prove indigenous to the Continents, maybe Gates is correct to say that we may not have a large number “Clovis” Group Genes because we were here before this group crossed the Bering Straits and before the window of inheritability. 

Look at the most recent research:

According to National Geographic, Indigenous Americans matched most closely with the native Aborigines in Australia. These people date back to about 60,000 years and descended from the first humans who originated in Africa. The researchers believe Luzia was part of a people, referred to as "Paleoamericans," who migrated into the Americas—possibly even by boat—long before the Mongoloid people (Clovis). These Paleoamericans later have been wiped out by or interbred with Mongoloids invading from the north. "Skeletal studies demonstrate that skeletal remains do not fit the Mongoloid set of traits that is determinant of the modern Amerindian morphology," "Our results demonstrate that not only are some early remains not Mongoloid, but also some modern groups, like those of Baja California."

But recent research, including the Baja California study, indicates that the initial settlement of the continent was instead driven by Southeast Asians who occupied Australia 60,000 years ago and then expanded into the Americas about 13,500 years ago, prior to Mongoloid people (Clovis) arriving from northeast Asia.

The skulls from Baja California, which may date back only a few hundred years, have slender-looking faces that are different from the broad-cheeked craniums of modern Amerindians, the descendants of the Mongoloid people.  

The scientists say that their results demonstrate conclusively their somewhat controversial thesis: that the "Clovis" culture dating from around 13,000 years ago - which has long been thought to be the earliest human society in the Americas – which was actually preceded by human habitation at the Paisley caves in Oregon. The new study refutes every one of the critics’ arguments and uses overwhelming archaeological, strati-graphic, DNA and radiocarbon evidence to conclusively state that humans — and ones totally unrelated to Clovis peoples — were present at Paisley Caves over a millennium (1,000 years) before Clovis.   

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the small number of early American specimens discovered so far have smaller and shorter faces and longer and narrower skulls than later Native Americans, more closely resembling the modern people of Africa, Australia, and the South Pacific. "This has led to speculation that perhaps the first Americans and Native Americans came from different homelands, or migrated from Asia at different stages in their evolution."  

According to, no DNA testing can “prove” an individual is American Indian and/or Alaska Native, or has ancestry from a specific tribe. Genetic testing can provide evidence for the biological relationship between two individuals (e.g., paternity testing), but there are no unique genes for individual tribes or American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) ancestry in general. While research scientists have found that some genetic markers are found mostly only in AI/ANs, these markers are neither unique to AI/ANs nor predictive of AI/AN identity.

Apart from the Blacks who settled in Asia and Australia from prehistoric Africa, there are a number of tribes and nations right here in the US and the Americans such as the Washitaw Nation, the Afro-Darienite, the Choco Region Blacks of Columbia, the Garifuna who are of pre-Columbian and prehistoric origins. The Washitaw Nation built the first empire in the Southern U.S. and the Mississippi Valley and once owned the entire Louisiana Purchase Territories, which were annexed. Recently in 1991, the U.S. returned about 70,000 square acres after the Washitaw won in a court battle. The Washitaw Nations was a great civilization of Pyramid and Mound builders who had a maritime civilization and trade with Africa before Columbus. 

So African Mende Script has similar writing systems to American Native Cherokee Scripts. Cherokee Script (1832-33) is an Indigenous Script in North America connected with Sub-Saharan Africa Scripts of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Also included is a relatively modern script in Liberia which may have Cherokee influence. (Cherokee & West Africa:  Examining the Origin of the VAI Script by Konrad Tuchscherer, Vol 29 2002, P. 427 to 486.)

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) asserts the US Government phase out the term “race” in collecting Federal data because the concept has no scientific justification in human biology. The analysis of genetics (DNA) indicates 94% of all physical variations remain within “racial groups.” Conventional geographic “racial” groupings differ from one another at only six percent (6%). Larger variations exist within “racial” groups than between them. In bordering populations throughout the global world there are OVERLAPPING genes and The American Anthropological Association (AAA) asserts the US Government phase out the term “race” in collecting Federal data because the concept has no scientific justification in human biology. 

The analysis of genetics (DNA) indicates 94% of all physical variations remain within “racial groups.” Conventional geographic “racial” groupings differ from one another at only six percent (6%). Larger variations exist within “racial” groups than between them. In bordering populations throughout the global expressions. If the origin of humanity started in Africa, mankind came from Black Africans—ONE global Negroid Race. Members of the AAA know that continuing to use the term “race” demonstrates a further division and alteration of the recessive gene. The term “race” is being used as a CAMOUFLAGE to squelch the changing phenotypes of mankind blending together? Scientists are trying to form one BIG “Caucasian Cluster” to stop White genetic annihilation. The term “race” continues to imply inequality.

Scientific American recently featured an article about the ALU Chromosome. The Chromosome is referred to as the “Jumping Gene” and reproduces by copying and inserting itself into new chromosome locations. The latest Genome Project confirms Africans are the purest race on Earth with 95% of the gene. Europeans have 75% of the ALU Chromosome, while 60% of Asians have the same chromosome. Europeans and Asians have 50% each of the chromosomes found in each other. On the other hand, only five percent of Negroid/Africans have a chromosome found in Europeans and Asians. Scientific American records ONE global Race.

Eventually a person becomes conscious that “hide and seek” behind the feathers is no more than a rational realization you have been hiding from yourself. The author realizes a large percentage of American Blacks have American Native ancestry. That is the story passed down, but researchers now say only 1% of All Americans with Indigenous blood have Native American History compared to 83% 30 years ago.  That is easy to figure out because we now know most Black Americans were related to the Indigenous people who inhabited the Eastern and South Eastern part of what we know as the US. Two hundred thousand years ago the “Mound Builders” inhabited North and South America (Maclean, 1879, Blackmar, 1912). They were ebony-skinned, woolly-haired people indigenous to the Americas. If one thinks about it long and hard enough, maybe that’s why it has been so easy for Americans with indigenous ancestry to “hide behind the feathers.” 

​Sources:  Andrzej Wiercinski, Alexander von Wuthenau & JA Villacorta