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Indigenous Europe Like Indigenous Americans - The Pelasgians
Europe did not turn white until 8,000 years ago.  Europe was a place of hunter/gathers originally.  Humans came out of Africa to originally settle Europe about 40,000 years having dark skin, which is advantageous in sunny latitudes. And the new data confirm that about 8500 years ago, early hunter-gatherers in Spain, Luxembourg, and Hungary also had darker skin: They lacked versions of two genes–SLC24A5 and SLC45A2–that lead to depigmentation and, therefore, pale skin in Europeans today.

The Pelasgian civilization emerged around 2500 BC. They are the ancestors of Indo-European people. Pelasgians were members of this Hamitic Race—a race in which the European Bible shrouds all Black people. Five of the main Greek city-states were founded by descendants of Ham/Hamites: Corinth (Phoenicians); Thebes (Cadmus from Phoenicia); Laconia (i.e. Sparta and Lacedemonia) by Lelex, an Egyptian; Athens by Cecrops of Egypt; and Argos founded by the Phoenician Inachus. The Pelasgians founded Athens which makes them colonizers from Egypt. The Pelasgians includes various tribes like the Carians, Leleges, Cadmeans, and Garamantes.

Indo-Europe included Rome, Greece, Turkey, Iran, India, Siberia, Korea, Japan, Arabia, and China.

Greek city-states were founded and developed by maritime colonizers from Phoenicia and Egypt. Both Egyptians and Phoenicians were descendants of Kush—presently known as the Sudan. The Greeks called it Aethiopia, meaning “land of the burned faces.” Egyptians called it Nubia. 

Pelasgians were described as dolichocephalic (long-headed) people who were short, black, dark haired, and dark eyed. (Celtic Myth and Legend by Charles Squire. London: The Gresham Publishing Company, LTD, 1905, pp 19-20.) Dolichocephalicism is a characteristic of the Black Race and identified as “pre-Greek” and “pre-Hellenic” people. Pelasgian deities were predominately the same as Egyptians. (Primitive History, from the Creation to Cadmus by William Williams. J. Seagrave, 1789, pg. 344). They were a matrilineal society and worshiped female deities.

Pelasgians later assimilated into the Indo-European Hellenic population. But when we speak of Greece as the origin of western civilization, let us not forget that it was the Pelasgians, the Black people who were the original inhabitants and bearers of civilization in that area.

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The Pelasgians: The Black Original inhabitants of Ancient Greece (Calvin R. Evans)