Indigenous Americans
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Indigenous Egypt & the Global World
America looks at the global world and measures the world in BIBLICAL TIME. Even though the world has different timezones, we are measured in real time according to the Bible that has been dated between 5 - 6 thousand years. In AD 324 at the Council of Nicaea, Constantine declared European Christianity as the "Official Religion" of Rome declaring the world and beginning of time Caucasian. Every character in the family Bible is White. Many organizations claim a WHITE Egypt. Look at North and South America, Asia, Oceania, Asia, and Egypt and the rest of Northern Africa. You will see the Indigenous people who still live there. They tell the real story and guess what? They have been classified WHITE (Caucasian) by the US Government.

The world's indigenous / aboriginal / native peoples are any ethnic group of peoples considered to fall under one of the internationally recognized definitions of Indigenous peoples by the United Nations, the International Labor Organization and the World Bank, i.e. "Those ethnic groups were indigenous to a territory prior to being incorporated into a national state, and who are politically and culturally separate from the majority ethnic identity of the state that they live. We know there are indigenous people who live in India, China, Ethiopia, South East Asia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Bolivia, Andaman Islands.  How many indigenous people are recognized by United Nations? The United Nations recognizes the Washitaw Nation as the only indigenous group in the United States.

Meet the Identified & Defined Caucasian People of the Global World BELOW explained by European and American Scientists!

Indigenous Egypt/Ancient Egyptians (Present Today - Never Left) Classified Arabs have been in Egypt about 1200 years.
Indigenous Egypt/Ancient Egyptians (Present Today - Never Left) Classified Arabs have been in Egypt about 1200 years.
Indigenous Children of Ethiopia - Kush of the Bible 
(Modern Nubia)
Indigenous People of India
Egyptian Wig - 1400 BC 18th Dynasty (Moses and Abraham) - Royal Ontario Museum - Canada
Egyptian Wig
Black America and Black Indian Africans