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Three migrations of mankind with similar DNA Haplogroups, ethnic, cultural, physical traits and religious backgrounds settled the Americas. They came from different directions at different times but ended up on the same North, Central and South American Maps. 

Three migrations took place to North, Central and South America. The Bering Strait Crossing occurred with the third migration which did not take place until 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. The first migration was from Polynesia, and the second migration from Africa.  

Upon arrival to the Americas, Europeans instigated Native American tribes to capture and enslave their own tribal members which was BEFORE the “official” African slave trade started. 

Slavery is the centrifuge or the overall push to certify Black Americans are NOT indigenous to America because American historians proved that arrival to America was from African slave ships. 

Eventually a person becomes conscious that playing “hide and seek” behind the feathers is no more than a rational realization of hiding from yourself. Power is a Hell of a drug. Those with the biggest guns write the history books.
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